Clearbridge Healing Institute – CHI

Clearbridge Healing Institute, CHI, home of our Integrative Medicine and Family Team approach, where we work on integrating complimentary medicine with modern medicine to create a coherent and all inclusive treatment plan that includes the client’s family or significant other(s). This approach encourages sharing of records which minimizes the iatrogenic issues that lead to unnecessary ill health. Additionally, we are working toward minimizing the playing out of conflicting professional judgements in the health of the client. The family, including patient, is being held accountable and is also exposed to a team that provides a united front of support and accountability and models harmonious communication styles. CHI is the home base for our non-profit project: The Global Healing & Educational Network.



Our Workshops are Experiential, rather than lectures, so the person comes away knowing what and how to do what they have learned, as opposed to just being able to talk about it. 

Achieving Health
and Well-being

Our Health and Well-being are undermined by Stress, therefore this is a necessary component addressed in all our work. We specialize in dealing with Trauma through Reframing and Integration, and Pain Management through Cognitive techniques. 

Testing and
Nutritional Counseling

Urine and Saliva are tested using biochemistry and scopes to help determine energy lost or gained from what is consumed and to figure out the cause of the deviations from the ideal. Counseling recommendations are then made to adjust nutrition and lifestyle for the individual to optimize health and well-being.



Associates Of Clearbridge Healing Institute (AOCHI) is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit.

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